Embracing Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging (FFP)

10.14.19 // Heritage Paper

As the leading E-commerce platform, Amazon heard from millions of its customers about packaging, and they listened to them. They listened when they praised what they did like about a package. And when they complained of damaged products or oversized boxes. And, especially when they raged about difficult to open packages. The Frustration- free packaging program has been years in development and is just one part of Amazon’s commitment to sustainability.            (read more)

Amazon has been specifically addressing packaging issues over the last several years, first working to eliminate wrap rage from a number of popular items packaged in welded clamshell packages which are no longer allowed.

Working together with major retailers, they eliminated the premium packaging that the retail space demanded. From toys to dog food, packaging was simplified and redesigned to withstand the rigors of parcel shipping without all that over boxing.

These efforts resulted in a reduced need for 100’s of millions of boxes since 2008. In the year 2018 alone an additional
500 million boxes were eliminated from the waste stream as a result of this initiative.

The Frustration-Free Packaging Certification Program

Three levels of certification are focused on eliminating any prep requirements at the Amazon fulfillment centers, enhancing sustainability and providing minimal protective and functional packaging.


Benefits for the Amazon vendor

  1. Reduction/removal of Amazon Prep and SIOC chargebacks

    Chargebacks, which began in September 2019, are currently limited to non-sortable ASIN’s but the ultimate goal is that all products received into AMAZON fulfillment centers fall into one of the three certification tiers outlined above.

  2. Opportunity to reduce Packaging costs

    Eliminating the costly marketing premium features such as glossy overprints, windows and cutouts results in significant cost savings.

  3. Opportunity to reduce transportation costs

    Right-sized packages will maximize the cost efficiencies of both inbound and outbound freight costs.

  4. Enhance your sustainability objectives

    Eliminating non-recyclable materials and reducing packaging SKU’s for this growing sales channel can quickly add up to a significant contribution to reducing your environmental footprint.

As the E-Commerce market continues to grow, manufacturers are compelled to consider if their traditional retail packaging with void fill, additional cushioning/support and over boxing aligns with their cost and sustainability needs.

If the time is right for you to reconsider your packaging, or if you need to redesign to meet Amazon’s new standards, Heritage Paper is uniquely qualified to help you design and implement your packaging.

As a member of Amazon’s Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) network, we are a material neutral supplier designing in all paper and plastic materials. Day in, day out, we are listening to our customers and designing, testing and delivering smart, sustainable designs for the E-Commerce sales channel.

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