Providing Green Packaging Through Sustainable Packaging Design

Today’s consumers are more educated than ever before about the environmental impacts of disposable packaging. That’s why we’re committed to the sustainable packaging design and distribution of products, while at the same time, meeting market criteria for performance and cost.

Whether your sustainability initiatives include reduced packaging weight or increased recyclability, our team of designers will review your entire packaging line. We’ll engineer the right redesign solution with environmentally preferred alternatives to create eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Demonstrate Your Corporate Social Responsibility

Brand enhancement, consumer awareness and minimizing total packaging system costs are just a few benefits of green packaging.

In fact, according to the 2017 Sustainable Packaging Study conducted by Packaging Digest (in partnership with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition), 45% of the brands surveyed indicated that consumers do ask about perceived over-packaging.

By implementing sustainable packaging design, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and your respect for the environment and our planet’s future.

Sharing Your Passion for Sustainability

Reducing packaging weight as well as increasing recyclability and recyclable content are three of the most important issues facing both our packaging designers and our customers.

We’re here to help you refresh your packaging so that it measures up to your commitment to sustainable initiatives. We’ll look at all the primary and auxiliary packaging and offer solutions that will help you make a difference to the environment.

Once you’ve settled on your sustainability initiatives, please don’t hide them! Since your packaging is being printed anyway, why not tell the world? Messages like “we’re using recycled content “ or “our new packaging is more environmentally friendly” can be displayed in full color or printed on the bottom of a kraft box.

Take the First Step

Let’s talk about how we can optimize your entire packaging supply chain with impactful custom packaging design, fulfillment and equipment solutions.