Protective Packaging Design That Works
as Hard as You Do

You work hard to produce quality products. Likewise, we work tirelessly to develop reliable and trustworthy protective packaging design solutions. Our proven track record provides valuable peace of mind for our customers because we firmly believe that failure is not an option.

Creating all our protective packaging solutions in-house also means we’re more responsive than other packaging suppliers. But most importantly, our vast database is full of proven, sound and rigorously-tested design principles that have repeatedly produced successful results for our customers.

Engineered Design

We engineer solutions to protect your product throughout your distribution channels. Whether it’s the latest retail electronic accessory that needs to stand out, a highly sensitive medical monitor or OEM sub-components, we apply the same disciplined and comprehensive approach to each project.

It all starts with a thorough understanding of the product’s fragility, your marketing initiatives as well as all of the touch points to the end customer, packaging assembly operations and cost parameters. We’ll collaborate with you to understand the needs of all the stakeholders. And only then do we select the materials that will optimize the solution that’s right for your unique product.

Choosing the Best Material to Get the Job Done Right

Because we’re material neutral, we can select the materials that will deliver the optimal solution. One that meets the performance standards, delights your aesthetic criteria and achieves your cost objectives. It may be corrugated, pulp, foam, plastic trays or a combination of materials. We’ll also consider any of your sustainability initiatives, such as transitioning away from chemicals or other plastics to incorporate more environmentally-friendly materials into your design.

Pre-Testing Means Faster Turnaround

Digital renderings facilitate timely collaboration with all your stakeholders. Our comprehensive process includes pretesting of all designs, which means you could save weeks on your design projects with Heritage Paper’s protective packaging design services.

Protective and Void Fill Packaging

We partner with leading edge suppliers to deliver a variety of methods that can provide protection and void fill packaging options.

On demand paper and inflatable bag void fill systems provide dunnage and protection during shipping. Cohesive packaging can wrap around virtually any product with simple pressure by hand or machine. Foam and bubble bags and sleeves or custom inflatable cushioning – there’s a myriad of stock and custom solutions that will address your unique situation.

Take the First Step

Let’s talk about how we can optimize your entire packaging supply chain with impactful custom packaging design, fulfillment and equipment solutions.