Reduce Costs and Resolve Bottlenecks with Our
Automated Packaging Equipment

From food packaging to automated pallet handling, our team of experienced pros is your one-stop resource for delivering turnkey solutions that will help you exceed your operational goals. By reviewing your entire packaging process, we’ll uncover ways to save you both time and labor.

Our innovative automated packaging equipment solutions will help you reduce labor costs, resolve bottlenecks, and automate to increase capacity in any market. Fully automated lines will alleviate your capacity constraints, and even simple upgrades can significantly impact efficiencies and reduce costly safety concerns.

Market Specialties

We support all our equipment programs with factory trained technicians, preventative maintenance programs and quality packaging materials to ensure reliable and consistent performance for your operations.

Food Process Packaging

Food processing operations demand rugged and reliable equipment so that you can maximize productivity and uptime. Heritage Paper represents several top tier equipment manufacturers for shrink wrappers, horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS), vertical form fill and seal (VFFS), baggers, tray lidding and pouches. Our factory-trained technicians will handle everything you need, from equipment installation through ongoing support. And we supply only the highest quality materials that consistently deliver the lowest total costs for your operations.

Electronics and Consumer Goods Manufacturing

It’s essential that your packaging equipment is flexible enough to keep up with ever-changing market demands. Fully-automated blister sealing, sleeve wrappers, automated sorters and baggers, as well as customized labeling systems can optimize your output while providing your operation maximum flexibility.


In order to adapt your current packaging lines to meet growing demands from eCommerce, upgrading current equipment or adding labelers and customized tapers could be just what you need.

Heritage Paper can provide innovative solutions like on demand bubble and multi-station paper or air pillow systems, as well as automatic baggers for high volume mailing.

We can also design workstation and labeling system solutions that integrate with your warehouse management system (WMS). They can improve your productivity and reduce labor costs for this critical sales channel.

Featured Equipment

Case Erectors and Tapers

Case erectors can optimize your entire packaging line by significantly reducing labor costs and increasing output. These machines are ruggedly built and feature quick no tool changeovers. A full line of tapers, from semi-automatic to fully automatic random sealers, also includes the ingenuity to customize for those difficult applications including oversized and low profile.

Stretch Pallet Wrappers

Representing innovative industry leading manufacturers, this line includes simple entry level turntable machines to fully automatic, fully integrated wrappers. These machines withstand 24/7 operations in the most demanding environments. Custom-engineered solutions can deliver the cost benefits to the most challenging applications.

Shrink and Plastic Systems

Tamper-proofing products, securing multi-packs, or preserving fresh-baked goods . . . we have the shrink-packaging solution that fits your operations. From compact manual to fully-integrated high-speed automatic shrink and bundling systems, flow wrappers, pouch sealers and bagging systems, we have the automated solutions to help you optimize your operations.

Labeling Systems

From simple label applicators to print and apply labeling systems, we can meet the demands for even the most complex production lines. High quality engineering and tight tolerances allow for accurate label placement at high speeds. And design flexibility means we can handle label placement on your unique products.

Additional Equipment Lines

  • Baggers
  • Blister packaging
  • Conveyors
  • Friction feeders
  • Horizontal flow wrappers
  • Ink jet coders
  • On-demand paper and air pillow void fill
  • On-demand bubble systems
  • Robotics (front and back end)
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Shrink bundling
  • Skin packaging
  • Strapping
  • Tray/lidding film systems
  • Vertical form fill seal baggers
  • Work stations

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