Clever Packaging Design Services
Unequaled in the Industry

Heritage Paper’s packaging design services are unique because we don’t just focus on one medium. We design
for all paper and plastic materials offering you the solution that best meets your needs.


Whether you need a corrugated outer box, foam inserts for interior protection or thermoformed trays, we can do all three equally well. And, we conduct all our creative packaging design in-house.


That means we don’t rely on outside vendors to get the job done. And for you, that means faster quality results and outcomes – on average two times faster than other packaging designers – as well as accelerated speed to market for your latest products.


Check out our packaging design & POP display work – all created by our talented in-house
design team to appeal to customers, protect your product and reduce costs.

Working Together Toward a Sustainable Future

We’re just as concerned about environmentally-friendly packaging as you are. So whether your sustainability initiatives include reduced packaging weight or increased recyclability, we can review your entire packaging line to engineer the right redesign solution for you.


Take the First Step

Let’s talk about how we can optimize your entire packaging supply chain with impactful custom packaging design, fulfillment and equipment solutions.