Cost Savings Comes from Smart Packaging Design

Smart packaging design is the result of creating product packaging that not only satisfies your unique requirements, but is also cost effective. Consider too that smart packaging is closely connected to sustainability. We’ll partner with you to consider important considerations such as packaging size and dimensional weight reduction, how DIM standards affect your packaging requirements, SKU consolidation and even how to reconfigure pallets to maximize cube utilization.

Too Many SKUs to Track?

Have you introduced and produced so many products over the years that your SKUs seem out of control? We can help you streamline your SKUs with smart multi-purpose packaging designs or work with you on solutions to resize your existing packaging.

Overpacking Can Lead to Excess Costs

Trust us when we say we’ve seen it all. From overstuffed shipping boxes to product packaging that contains way too many corrugated inserts, our customers trust us to avoid these types of unnecessary issues. We’re experts at designing the most effective packaging without overdoing what’s absolutely required to get the job done.

Size and Weight Make a Big Impact

eCommerce places heavy demands on using just the right packaging to ship products to customers without over-packing the contents. Proper packaging size and optimal dimensional weight quickly translate into cost savings involving both fulfillment and shipping. And that ultimately impacts your profitability and bottom line.

Choosing the Best Material to Get the Job Done Right

Selecting the best packaging material solution for your project starts with close collaboration to identify your objectives, preferences and current performance issues.





We’ll also consider any of your sustainability initiatives, such as transitioning away from chemicals or other plastics to incorporate more environmentally friendly materials into your design. Because we’re material neutral and can design using a variety of plastic, foam and paper materials, we’ll identify the optimal solution that’s just right for you.

Take the First Step

Let’s talk about how we can optimize your entire packaging supply chain with impactful custom packaging design, fulfillment and equipment solutions.