Automating Case Erecting and Taping help Logistics operations meet E-Commerce demands

05.27.19 // Heritage Paper

If you’re one of the many logistics firms offering value-added services like E-Commerce fulfillment, automating case erecting and taping could deliver immediate benefits to your bottom line.

You’ve no doubt seen a sharp increase in volume and have had to adjust your operations. A tighter labor market and higher labor costs further add to the demands of fulfilling these services.

Our strong economy continues to add jobs bringing the unemployment rate down to new records.  The last quarter of 2018 saw the national unemployment rate dip to 3.8%.  Preliminary estimates for April 2019 show the trend continuing as the rate dropped to 3.6%.

Employment continues to accelerate in the warehouse and transportation industries with over 216,000 jobs added in 2018. Almost 2 out of every 3 jobs created within this segment can be attributed to the rise of E-Commerce. This has created a demand for package handling and delivery services (+54,000 jobs) and for storing goods and fulfilling online orders (+84,000 jobs)  (source Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Automation can deliver the additional capacity you need, improve your efficiency and reduce your overall costs. For this post, we’ll just look at automating the case erecting and taping part of your operations and show you the benefits you can realize today.

5 Key Benefits of Automating Case Taping

  1. Material Cost Savings

    Consistent tape on every package, every time reduces doubling up, excess lengths

  2. Labor Savings

    Eliminates pretaping of bottoms. Taping bottom and top is automatic

  3. Higher Output

    Up to 40 cartons per minute on the most basic machine

  4. Improved Quality

    Consistent tape length and wrinkle-free application improves the appearance

  5. Improved Integrity

    Tape is applied with consistent pressure and placement down the center of the case ensuring complete closure


Box Tapers

Semi-Automatic machines are fully adjustable and a range of models will handle either uniform carton sizes or random sizes. Even the basic models deliver the key benefits. Customization is also possible for lower profile cartons, four-sided sealing or other unique applications.


Options like pack stations,  T-rail guides and flap folders can increase throughput on the manual taper machines.




A fully automatic taper requires no operator in the taping operation. It will automatically index the box through the machine, close minor and major flaps and complete the taping cycle.  These can handle uniform or random sizes and special applications like underfilled or overfilled boxes, even four-sided edge taping. And with high throughput speeds, multiple packing lines can be conveyed to one taper.

You can further reduce labor costs and increase efficiency by fully automating. A case erector can be combined with an automatic taper to seamlessly integrate into a completely automated packaging line. Watch it here


Case Erectors

With operator free case erection and taping functions, you can achieve maximum cost efficiency with these high output systems. These can also be fully customizable. The case erector will automatically erect and tape the bottom flaps closed presenting boxes ready to pack. Compact footprints, easy no-tool changeovers, and quick availability have made these a preferred solution for E-Commerce operations.



We’ve just addressed one aspect of your E-Commerce fulfillment operation but it is one area where productivity improvements and cost savings quickly justify the equipment purchases. Flexible lease programs conserve capital and cost savings can cover your monthly lease payments.

At Heritage Paper, our automated case erecting and taping equipment solutions are of the most innovative and reliable in the industry. And we provide ongoing technical service and complete packaging material support.

Contact us today to see how we can help you meet the growing demands of E-Commerce fulfillment.

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