Automation for E-Commerce fulfilment

01.18.24 // Heritage Paper

Reconsidering Automation for Your E-commerce Fulfilment Operations

Whether you are warehousing for a start-up or brand name shoe distributor, or servicing a wide spectrum of consumer product accounts, you’re probably already fulfilling Ecommerce orders for your customers.

And that means you’re likely dealing with a variety of different sized boxes. Depending on the level of automation, your boxing operations may still be pretty labor intensive. The challenge to maximize your output while reducing your costs is a familiar one amongst our distribution warehouse customers.

Labor Costs Continue to Increase, Unemployment Remains Low

CA minimum wage increases $16.00/hour starting January 1, 2024. However, in reality the average wage of a warehouse worker in LA county is over $19.00/hour today.

Added to the high cost of labor, a tight labor market continues to make it difficult to retain your best workers.

E-commerce Growth Shows No Sign of Levelling Off yet

According to Statista, 2023 will see a 23% increase in Business to Consumer sales. The B to C segment will reach $1.4 Trillion by 2027!

Business to Business Ecommerce is also growing rapidly. B to B Ecommerce sales will account for 17% of sales in 2023 reaching $1.8 trillion dollars.

The high cost of labor is a constant concern in packaging operations. And the increased demands by your customers for quick efficient packaging combine to make a compelling case for automation wherever possible.

There is finally a solution for high volume random box size packaging operations.

Automating Erecting and Taping Random Box Sizes

We are a premier distributor of Best Pack Packaging’s innovative line of case sealers and erectors.

Paired with case erectors, the CSF Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer can deliver on your cost savings and output objectives.

A machine that is used to make boxes.Clever engineering and the use of efficient servo drive motors allows for three separate zones of operation. The indexing, folding and taping zones are all independent operations that allow for faster processing at speeds up to 12 per minute. See this in operation here.

Best Pack Packaging Systems and Heritage Paper have customized and implemented many of these systems into operations like yours.

We have the tools and the experience to assess your operational needs and make impactful recommendations to help you meet the demands of your E-Commerce fulfilment operations.

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