Biodegradable Bikinis Made From Sustainable Packaging Materials

02.26.16 // Heritage Paper

Swimsuits are going green this summer, as “eco-couture” designers introduced the world’s first fully compostable bikinis at the 2011 Swim Week on South Beach in Miami. Eco-couture refers to clothing designed with sustainable materials, such as fabrics sourced from wood pulp, bamboo, hemp or even recycled plastic bottles. Other materials are made from cotton and nylon factory scraps, or materials that have been repurposed into new fabrics.

The bikini, designed by Linda Loudermilk, is made using plant starch. The material won’t dissolve when worn, but once buried in a landfill, it will take just 180 days for the swimsuit to break down safely and completely. The suit also features “eco-cell” foam bra cups that are made with biodegradable plant oil. Swimsuits in Loudermilk’s line are also fashioned using recycled nylon, polyester and cotton.

Women’s swimwear is a new type of eco-couture, as swimsuits are often made out of materials that dry quickly and hold their shape, which means they usually contain chemicals that can be toxic to the environment. Polyester, for example, is a common swimsuit material made from polyethylene terephthalate, which is also used to make plastic bottles. Although bikinis don’t use much material to begin with, making the effect on waste very small, the new swimsuit still helps to raise awareness regarding sustainable clothing and taking the right steps toward a healthier environment.

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