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Can Styrofoam Packaging Cause Cancer?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently added styrene to a list of possible carcinogens. Styrene is a […]

Understanding PVC and RPET

Sustainable packaging begins with increased awareness and knowledge concerning the impact of packaging on the environment, as well as how […]

Substituting Petroleum with Feathers in Plastic Packaging

The use of petroleum in plastic packaging has long been a cause for concern regarding the country’s economy and the […]

What is Litho Lamination?

The Litho Lamination Process Litho Lamination is a type of printing that uses a lithograph – a printing system that […]

Plastic Packaging Alternatives: Materials Made From Fish Scales

The latest in weird bioplastic materials comes from the United Kingdom, where Erik de Laurens, a Royal College of Art graduate, […]

10 Tips for Improving Your Sustainable Packaging

Achieving sustainable solutions for packaging does not have to be difficult. Find our 10 easy tips for improving your sustainable […]

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