Deciding On A Type Of Packaging Material

01.23.15 // Heritage Paper

The packing material you choose will depend on the type of product you are shipping. Some of the more affordable types of packaging materials may not be suited for your product. When searching through the different types packaging materials you must take at least two questions into consideration. How much can I spend on packaging materials, and what type of packaging is required for my product?

The nature of your product is the main factor that will dictate your cost. The more fragile the product the sturdier your material must be. Although there are times that the cost of the cheaper packaging material makes up for the price of damaged products.

Shipping Containers

The first step in packing your product is to pick the container that it will be shipped in.

Cardboard Box

  • Usually the cheapest option.
  • Fragile items require special holders or materials such as bubble wrap to keep from breaking.
  • All the information for the product can be cheaply printed on the box.
  • Some boxes can also be used as the display of your product.
  • May also require pallets

Wooden or Plastic Crates

  • One of the more expensive packaging materials.
  • The most fragile items such as glass bottles must be sent in a crate, or the amount of lost stock will be devastating.
  • The cost of printing on a crate makes it necessary to supply extra information sheets.
  • Can be used as display to lesser extent
  • May also require pallets


  • A Medium priced option.
  • Useful for stackable product that is not fragile.
  • Printing Extra Information is not possible
  • Can be used as a display to little effect.
  • Must be used alongside certain boxes and crates.

Individual Item Packaging

The type of item will also determine its individual packaging type. Each of these will have varying cost also determined by the size of the product. The most common for liquids and solids are as follows.

  • Liquids- Plastic, glass, cans, or pouches.
  • Solids- Plastic, cardboard, aluminum, bag, or tray.

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