Has COVID-19 disrupted your packaging supply chain?

03.13.20 // Heritage Paper

Has the Coronavirus impacted the availability of your packaging?

If you’re having supply chain issues with imported packaging, look at resourcing these materials back home.

We work with the industry leading suppliers of shrink films and can have the right products spec’d in for your operations very quickly. You’ll also find the breadth of features available on these films to be superior to many of the overseas sourced films on the market today.

We also work with suppliers of specialty tapes and other films and can help you stabilize your supply chain with more reliable domestic sources.

If you have gone overseas for cartons or other printed paper packaging, we can definitely help there as well.
With the recent tariffs, the cost differential had decreased substantially in the last several months and now coupled with supply chain issues, perhaps it’s time to revisit domestic suppliers.

Another bonus could be even more competitive pricing. We’ve been able to uncover cost saving design modifications for many of our customers who have brought their operations and packaging back home.

So if you’re in a jam, or if you’ve decided it’s time to bring your packaging home, we have the resources and expertise to ensure a smooth, successful transition.

Contact us today – we’re here to help your business and to keep it moving forward.

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