P&G Improves Olay Packaging to Reduce Waste

11.26.16 // Heritage Paper

Procter & Gamble, a global company known for big brands such as Tide, Charmin, Cover Girl and Gilette, has also long been recognized for its sustainable solutions that help conserve energy and reduce waste. One of its successful innovations includes the redesign of Olay cosmetic packaging.

Ditching the Clamshell

With the cost of oil steadily on the rise, there has been an increasing need for more cost-effective, environmental-friendly alternatives to the traditional all-plastic clamshell. Enter trapped blister designs, which consist of a plastic shell sealed to corrugated cardboard material. The shell contains the product, making it more visible on the retail shelf, while the corrugated cardboard makes the package easier to open and more eco-friendly. Olay reduced millions of pounds of plastic packaging by making the switch from clamshells to trapped blisters for many of its cosmetic products.

Improved Pump Design

Sometimes even the smallest change in packaging design can reduce thousands of pounds of plastic. In the case of Olay’s Total Effects product line, the new design is expected to save 800,000 pounds of plastic per year. That’s the weight of a Boeing 747! The change involves an improved pump design for Olay Total Effects moisturizers – making it easier for customers to use the product while significantly lowering the amount of plastic materials required.

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