The Subscription Box Phenomena Continues

03.03.20 // Heritage Paper

E-Commerce sales continue their double-digit growth and the subscription service model is grabbing its share of that growth.  Total Ecommerce sales in 2019 were over $600 billion, an increase of almost 15% over 2018 according to the US Department of Commerce.

In almost every single category, the subscription service model is being deployed to generate additional revenue and to secure loyal repeat customers.

Whether showcasing new products curated to the consumers’ interests or to replenish disposable items like diapers and shavers, traditional retailers will be looking to implement some version of a subscription service. Walmart, Nordstrom’s and Target are all already playing with subscription service models.


Beauty and Food account for about 60% of  subscription box customers with apparel following closely behind. But the sector showing the most growth in the last year was the kids category. (source ) This is a natural target for subscription services.    And, their millennial parents already make 60% of their purchases online. (source)


Packaging your message

In a Harris Poll survey “60% of US consumers believe how a provider packages their E-commerce order reflects how much the brand cares   about them”.

Brand ambassadors generate tremendous interest by “opening” the current subscription offering on social media. Their influence to generate customer traffic remains strong as do affiliate and retailer partnerships.

You work hard to curate products that are unique, have good value and are at a profitable price point for you.

Your packaging needs to reflect these values as well. Functionally, you need to secure and protect your products. This can be done with separate or integrated inserts, ideally designed with some flexibility to accommodate several versions of         your offerings.

For maximum flexibility and a really delightful presentation, fill your box with                    decorative shred.
Crinkle paper provides protection and a great presentation. Choices include a multitude of colors, textures, metallics and even custom blends. Let your imagination go wild!

Package graphics tell your message. From simple text copy to random prints to full coverage intricate designs, the options are endless. If your box is also the mailer, you’ll have to weigh discouraging porch pirates with your branding graphics. (but hey, they steal brown boxes too!) Printing on the inside is a great option that allows for more creative and              detailed messaging.


Higher end subscription box services (or any brand) may wish to take advantage of the premium graphics available with modern digital presses.  Even small exclusive clubs can take advantage of the great quality. And, personalizing your graphics to seasons, categories or even to that special client are all possible with the flexibility of a digitally printed box.


At Heritage Paper, we deal with E-Commerce including subscription box customers on a daily basis. Our talented design team will impress you with their original and smart designs. And our grand format digital press can bring these designs to life cost effectively. And if your needs include fulfillment, we have that covered too, with a skilled experienced team that can scale to your needs.

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