What Is Shrink Wrap Used For?

12.04.16 // Heritage Paper

Shrink wrap is a very adaptable multipurpose material that has revolutionized not only the packaging industry, but has a wide array of uses for security, containment, and safety. Because of its ability to create an air-tight barrier when subjected to heat shrink wrap is used by many industries, manufacturers, and shippers – as well as banks and even governments.

Available in many varieties of strengths, transparency, and thicknesses, the applications of shrink wrap are almost endless – both for small jobs and enormous jobs, such as wrapping entire buildings.

Shrink Wrap Used In Packaging

Shrink wrap has many applications and uses in the packaging industry, including:

  • Securing Boxes
  • Keeping Canned Goods & Beverages Unitized
  • Providing Extra Security & Tamper-Evident Seals
  • Wrapping Entire Pallet Loads (To Keep Items Secure & Protected From Weather)

Shrink wrap is also used in manufacturing as a primary packaging solution for a wide variety of items – including electronics, compact disks and DVDs, even food items such as meats, vegetables, and cheeses.

For applications such as this, shrink wrap is often applied by industrial shrink wrapping machines that apply heat directly from the assembly line conveyors in a heat tunnel or oven. At times, handheld heat applicators known as “heat guns” are also used to seal and tighten the material.

Shrink Wrap Used In Other Applications

Shrink wrap can be used to wrap books, magazines, and comics making it impossible to open and read them before purchase. This is especially important when the material contains adult oriented subject matter to keep children and minors from being exposed to its content.

A form of shrink wrap known as heat shrink tubing is often used to provide a seal around electrical wiring – which not only helps to insulate the wires against discharge, but helps to protect areas where electrical wires are attached or spliced.

Tamper evident shrink wrap is often used by banks when money is needed to be physically shipped by an armored transport. This form of shrink wrap changes colors or displays a written message when the material is cut or stretched, allowing for additional security and security procedures to be in place.

Often, shrink wrap material is used to protect large machinery that is not in use. A good example of this is marine shrink wrap, which is used to wrap and protect boats and watercraft from the elements during winter months.

Perhaps the largest application of shrink wrap is used by the emergency management services of the United States government. After a major disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake, shrink wrap can be applied to quarantine entire buildings where hazardous chemicals or materials may have been exposed. Later, after public safety is under control, dangerous elements can be removed safely.

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