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04.21.20 // Heritage Paper

Recent events are driving consumers to online purchasing. If you’ve not yet optimized your packaging for the E-Commerce market  channel now is the time.

With the almost complete shutdown of retail operations during the COVID 19 outbreak, consumers have migrated more of their shopping on line. If they were not already there, they have now become familiar with this way of doing business. And, quite certainly a number of them may now prefer this channel for some of their shopping needs.

Design for E-Commerce

Amazon has developed guidelines (and financial incentives) to encourage retailers selling on their site to create packaging specific to E-Commerce.  We are a member of their APASS  network of select packaging suppliers. Give us a call and we can quickly get you up and running quickly with a package the meets their FFP certifications.

If you’re managing your online fulfillment by over-packing retail SKU’s with void fill and larger boxes, you could see cost savings with a dedicated E-Comm package design. You’ll also see a reduction in  returns due to product damages and you can improve your consumer satisfaction ratings with a more sustainable, efficient package.

Automate the Process

Automating some or all of your pack out process will improve your efficiency today and help you meet future growth.

For medium sized operations, conveyors, gravity or motorized can help to unify process steps to improve speed, and create physical distancing. Because these are modular units they are easy to configure to your space today and are flexible for future changes.

Carton case tapers can be outfitted with extended infeeds and pack tables to boost productivity. Customized features can handle oversized/lightweight boxes, mailers , side taping. These engineers are quite innovative and tackle the most unusual applications.

Machines are available to dispense bubble and foam for product protection, and paper and air pillows for void fill. Many of these are placed at a no cost basis in exchange for materials agreement.

Higher volume operations can take advantage of automatic case erectors to feed multiple packing lines. Random or fixed automatic tapers complete the box closures for a completely integrated line.

There are even several in line box making systems that automatically right size the box to the dimensions of the order presented in line.

The use of poly bubble mailers has grown exponentially as they replace small boxes generating significant savings in shipping costs for the E-Commerce marketer. Here too, automation is available in a system that automatically right sizes bags in an automatic machine that can pack out up to 15 to 20 bags per minute.  It is especially suited to small products like electronic parts, books, accessories and nutra-ceuticals and other hard goods with lower package profiles.

Lease to get started today

Overcome budget restrictions by leasing the equipment that you need now. Leasing facilitates equipment  purchases. Your monthly operational savings gained from the automation will often not only pay for the machines, but contribute positive cash flow from day one.

Other benefits include conserving your cash capital and taking advantage of additional tax savings  for capital equipment. Explore these benefits with this easy to use, no commitment calculator here https://www.myampac.com/heritagepaper

Need to optimize E-Commerce packaging to meet growing demands? Our Heritage Paper team of packaging equipment specialists can guide you to the optimal solution. Contact us today.

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